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Dr. Zinga Fraser At Brooklyn Historical Society: “Women in Politics: Brooklyn & Beyond” 11/8/16

Professional Development

Professional Learning with Brooklyn Historical Society Our professional development workshops for teachers at BHS and BLDG 92 provide teachers with a forum in which to engage with new scholarship in history, sustainable design, race and identity and related fields; practice pedagogical approaches in collaboration with colleagues; and learn about museum-based school programs and curricula. Election Day Professional Learning Workshops


At Brooklyn Historical Society: “Women in Politics: Brooklyn & Beyond” November 8, 2016, 8:30 am – 3:00 pm Register Here, $25 With In Pursuit of Freedom digital curriculum and Dr. Zinga Fraser, director of the Shirley Chisholm Project.

On this historic Election Day, we will explore the role of women in politics in Brooklyn and beyond, and provide resources for bringing this important history into your classroom. We’ll consider political involvement broadly, from Shirley Chisholm’s congressional service and presidential campaign to Mary White Ovington and the NAACP to Maritcha Lyons’ influence in 19th century education for students of color. We’ll also mine BHS’s archives for opportunities to find women’s political contributions in primary sources that will broaden your students’ concept of American history.

The workshop is open to all NYC teachers, with primary source material best suited to grades 4 and up.

Fee includes breakfast & lunch.


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