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Swedish National Radio Interview



In an interview with Swedish National Radio, Zinga A. Fraser, PhD dispels some misconceptions about #ShirleyChisholm‘s 1972 presidential run.

(1) Chisholm wasn’t just a “first.” She was the most insightful policy innovator of all the candidates in the presidential campaign.

(2) Despite what her detractors claimed, she was a winner in 1972. She helped to expand the electorate and the Democratic Party, and she made it to the Convention to shape the outcome although a handful of better-resourced and better-connected candidates dropped out of the primaries early.

According to Dr. Fraser, Shirley Chisholm “transformed how we think about government.” Learn more about interview on our website:

Listen to Dr. Fraser’s full interview here: Shirley Chisholm – 50 kilos of nuclear energy that changed American politics The segment on Shirley Chisholm begins at 6:15 into the segment. Also featured in the video is Dr. Niambi Carter (Howard Univ. Professor and friend of the Chisholm Project).


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